The Decks Dreams Are Made Of

A deck is a Sunday barbeque when the whole family finally has free time to get together and bask in the sunlight of a warm midwestern afternoon.

A deck is a smell of fresh barbeque from the grill and some crisp beers and that “ah” sound your soul produces after an exhausting work week.

Your family is a treasure trove of stories that they frequently don’t tell – a deck is a place to tell those stories.

Talk to one of our deck installations professionals and our professional deck contractors will make sure you always have a place to share a story. 

deck installation
deck installation

What Does a Deck Mean to You?

Rarely do you stop and think about a deck. Why would you? Why think about decks? It’s a great way to embellish your backyard, sure. It will increase the value of your home, of course. But what is a deck, really? 

A deck is a Sunday barbeque when the whole family finally has free time to get together and bask in the sunlight of a warm Michigan afternoon. A deck is a smell of fresh barbeque from the grill, some crisp beers and that “ah” sound your soul produces after an exhausting work week. Your deck is a place to unplug from work and reconnect with what’s really important – your family & friends.

Building a new deck is a major investment in your home.  That’s why choosing a professional decking contractor is such a big decision.  We’ve all heard the horror stories from friends and neighbors about jobs gone wrong.  That’s why we encourage you to read our reviews, and don’t be afraid to ask for a referral – we have plenty of local folks who would be happy to give you one.  After you’ve done your research, give us a call and see if we’re the deck builder you’ve been looking for.

Top Quality Materials

We’re eco-conscious here at Clear Choice Contractors, and think a lot about how many raw materials go into building your deck.  That’s why we are proud to offer Trex Decking material to our customers.  Trex is made from eco-friendly decking materials like recycled plastic and reclaimed wood – so there won’t be any new trees cut down to build your dream space.

We love working with Trex because it’s a strong, environmentally friendly decking material.  You’re going to love your new professionally installed Trex deck because it is so low maintenance!  Trex is built to stand up to the elements without all of the ongoing maintenance associated with traditional wood.  No more worry about annual staining or sanding out those splinters that keep getting in your kids’ feet when you have a Trex deck installed by Clear Choice Contractors.  When we’re done, you know that you have a sustainable, strong, and worry free deck that will last for decades to come.

But what if you’re a classic at heart and want to have a big, beautiful wooden deck? We got you covered with the finest cedar and redwood. Cedar is a natural insect repellent, durable, gorgeous wood that is sound resistant – so your kids can run around as much as they like.

Redwood stands up to the rain, snow, sun, etc. It is naturally resistant to decay and stays comfortable on bare feet even on scorching hot days.

deck construction

The Deck-Building Journey

A lot goes into building a quality deck, and not all contractors are created equal. Our years of experience have allowed us to develop a unique process that gets your job done on time, on budget, to the highest quality possible, and with minimum headaches for you – the homeowner.

Our experts will design a deck that fits your lifestyle, meets your requirements, and suits your personal taste. Our contractors will build your custom deck structure using the best quality products. More than 83 years of combined experience goes into each of our projects.  Our expert craftsmen take pride in their work, and our on-site supervisors ensure all the pieces come together just like you envisioned.  We’re not happy until you are happy – that’s our promise to you.

Deck Railings & Stairs

Throughout the years, the deck industry has developed a large variety of beautiful rail systems. You want to choose deck railings that complement your home’s new deck and style and color scheme. Deck Railings can be composed of composite, metal, or both.

Whether straight or round, stairs play an essential role in maintaining your safety, which means that they are perfectly designed and must be made with a specific and visual style that will help improve the beauty of your space.

deck installation

The Clear Choice Deck Builders

We pride ourselves on being one of the best deck builders in the Michigan area, covering all aspects of deck building, from foundation to framing to deck surface, railings, and much more. Insured, experienced, and backed by a service guarantee, we take as much time as necessary to ensure your deck is installed correctly. We meet the highest standards and have completed over 1,000 residential and commercial projects. At Clear Choice, we only cut corners if you want a curved deck! We will not leave the site until you are 100% satisfied and everything is left clean and tidy. Rest assured that you are in good hands. 

If you want to transform your backyard into a functional outdoor living space where you can enjoy time spent with your family and friends, contact Clear Choice Contractors today. We will be happy to answer your questions and discuss your custom-made deck installation needs! 

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