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Outdoor Living: 6 Ways To Get Ready For Summer

It’s time to get ready for summer! With those magical long summer days just around the corner, you’re probably starting to think of all the amazing ways to enjoy your fun in the sun. When you have an outdoor living space, it’s all the more enjoyable; you don’t have to leave your home to experience a slice of paradise! In order to get the most out of your summer, you need to give your outdoor space a reset. Don’t worry – we promise it doesn’t have to be complicated!  Here are 6 easy ways to get your outdoor living space summer ready.

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Give everything a scrub

One of the best ways to get ready for summer in your outdoor living space is by giving it a good cleaning. It’s not the most fun thing to do, but it’s the best place to start.   Having a clean slate to work with will help you get organized and maybe even provide some inspiration. This doesn’t have to be complicated; even just washing the patio makes a world of difference. Consider giving your patio a good pressure washing if you want to go the extra mile. 

Bonus Tip: I told my son and his friends they were “too little” and cleaning the patio is “a grownup job”.  All of a sudden, they couldn’t wait to prove how good they could clean!

person in yellow boots with hose cleaning patio to get ready for summer

Get ahead with bug repellant

young woman spraying herself with bug spray

There’s nothing worse than sitting down for some summer relaxation and being inundated with bugs. Actually, that’s a lie. The only thing worse is having guests over to enjoy your outdoor living space only for what feels like every mosquito in a 5 mile radius to make an appearance. Luckily, you can fight back against bugs this summer.

Firstly, bug lamps are becoming an increasingly popular choice, as they allow you to keep the lights on without attracting bugs to them. Ranging from $20 – $100+, there’s a bug lamp out there for everyone. Secondly, another option are bug repelling candles. They contain citronella, a natural oil that bugs hate. Not only do they keep pests away, but their citrusy scent isn’t half bad.  Finally, there’s good old fashioned bug spray.


Introduce new greenery

Nothing says summer like beautiful flowers and plants filling the air with sweet scents and gorgeous colors. Bringing all that luster to your outdoor living space is a foolproof way to add energy and character, and the options are endless. From digging some new flowerbeds to bringing planters onto the scene, there’s no better way to revitalize your scenery than by adding some plant life.

Remember, some plants to better than others where we live.  For example, in Michigan, flowers like Black Eyed Susans, Queen of the Praries, Dianthus, Cosmos, Pansies, Petunias, and Geraniums are great to plant!


Repair and repaint

Early spring is the perfect time to get a jump on repairing and repainting anything in your outdoor living space that needs a little TLC. Some things to check up on are your fencing, lawn furniture, fire pit, and grill. Just a little sprucing up can make all the difference.

Not only does this elevate the look of your outdoor living space, but it can help you catch damage or any dangerous conditions before you open for the season. Above all, keep an eye out for things like rust, loose fasteners, and rot.

hand wearing latex glove painting iron fence

Update your furniture

If you’re looking for an excuse to ditch your outdated lawn furniture, this is your sign. Bringing in new outdoor furniture completely turns around the vibe of your outdoor living space. 

This is the perfect opportunity to change your exterior’s aesthetic. Even just a few new pieces can make an immediate and huge difference. 

Local Tip: Patio Plus Outdoor Furniture in Northville has a fantastic selection of outdoor furniture!

Opt for lighter colors to bring a softer, countryside feel to the scene. If you’re looking to go rustic, dark wood grain and matte finishing is the way to go. No matter what style you’re aiming for, updating your lawn furniture is the way to get there.

Wash rugs and outdoor cushions

outdoor rug covered in soapy water

If you aren’t looking to replace your outdoor accoutrements, give them new life with some good old fashioned soap and water. Cushions and rugs absorb an insane amount of dirt and dust, so after a couple months in storage they’re going to need a sprucing up. 

For instance, many cushion covers can be removed and thrown in the washing machine. Some do need to be hand washed, so always check the manufacturers tag to get the perfect result. Also, your outdoor rug will also have washing directions on the tag, but if you can’t find it it’s usually safe to rinse with a standard garden hose. Finally, when in doubt, hop online to the manufacturers website.

Get your outdoor living space ready for summer

In conclusion, there’s no better time than now to get started on preparing your outdoor living space for summer. 

If you’re looking to elevate, update, or install a new outdoor living space, then fill out our contact form. Our team of experts are excited to get you on your way to the summer space of your dreams.

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