6 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Pool Contractor

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6 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Pool Contractor

The pool is an essential part of your backyard. The right layout and features can take it from just another pool to a beautiful multipurpose space that can elevate any summer event. The right contractor can help you design the pool of your dreams. A bad contractor can make an exciting project a total nightmare. Here are six things you need to know before hiring a pool contractor.

Know what you want before hiring a pool contractor

Having an idea of what you want your pool area to be used for and what aesthetics you’re trying to achieve will ensure you and your contractor’s visions match up beautifully. If you want to host cookouts, then a concrete paver patio or composite deck can be designed into the swimming area. If you want kids to play in or around the pool, you might want to consider safety features like pool fencing.  Or maybe recreational ones like a diving board! If you plan on entertaining under the sun, you need to make sure the design matches the theme and offers plenty of space for relaxation. The right contractor will want to create the perfect space to fit all your needs and will work with you to do so.

child swimming underwater in a pool. overlaid text says, "know what you want: How will the pool be used? Mostly by kids? Big parties? Knowing these things helps the pool contractor build your dream pool!

Look at their completed pool installations

Going off tip number 1, look at previous projects your contractor has completed.  This will give you great insight into how you can expect your finished product to look. Do you like the architectural choices they favor? Or does their style clash with your perfect vision? Choosing a contractor with similar style to your own will be immensely helpful in creating a space that you love.

beach ball floating in pool. overlaid text says, "check out completed pools: Ask the contractor for photos of other pools they've completed in the past. This will give you a sense of their skills and style.

Keep your expectations realistic

Keeping your expectations realistic will prevent friction between you and your contractor. That’s not to say take everything any potential contractor says at face value, no questions asked, However, be sure to do a little extra research to make sure what you want is do-able. Understanding the limitations of your project will relieve unneeded stress on your end.  It also shows your contractor that you’re ready to work with them to create the perfect pool for you.

woman's legs in pool. overlaid text reads, "have realistic expectations: What can be physically accomplished in the space you have and with your pool budget?"

Choose a pool contractor that is excited for feedback

You’d be surprised how often contractors take a tone of frustration when clients ask for changes to the job.  To us, that’s just unacceptable.  We’re always happy to listen to our clients, and adjust our plans.  After all, it’s their pool!
Hiring a pool contractor that listens to you and takes you seriously is crucial to ensure the success of your project.

woman floating in a pool. overlaid text reads, "choose a contractor who listens: Your contractor should be excited to get feedback and input from you about your new pool while it's under construction.

It takes a village to build a pool

A pool contractor is only as good as the rest of their team. You’d be surprised at the effect a bad crew can have on your project. Keep an eye out for any discrepancies between what a potential contractor says and what their team does. Do they communicate well, or do you have to constantly follow up on the project? Are they consistent with the plan you have formulated or are they giving you different information? You’ll be seeing a lot of your installers as they work on your pool. So you’ll want to ensure they’re just as good a fit as the contractor themselves.

two children in a swimming pool. overlaid text reads, "teamwork makes the dreamwork: Pay attention to how a contractor communicates with his crew. If he seems to have a lot of trouble with this, it's a warning that your project might go off the rails.

Take your time

Getting your new pool installed and ready to be enjoyed is an exciting time! Thoughts of long summer days spent lounging by the water or connecting with your friends are enticing. But you deserve a pool area that’s just right for you. A pool is not just a fixture but a permanent addition to your home, one that will provide enjoyment for your family and add value to your home. The right contractor will respect this and take their time to ensure everything is built to the very highest standards.

woman relaxing in pool. overlaid text says, "take your time: Getting a new pool is super exciting, but don't jump to hire the first contractor you meet. This is a big investment - don't rush it."

Hiring a pool contractor you love makes a world of difference, not only in the results but your experience as a customer. Contact us at Clear Choice Contractors to get started on your dream pool today.

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