Deck Party Tips For Fourth of July

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Deck Party Tips For Fourth of July

Now that the world is turning again, this summer is going to be the best to date. What better way to keep the festivities going than hosting a deck party on the Fourth of July? We all know and love the old classics like barbecues and fireworks, so let’s take them to the next level. Check out these tips to make your Independence Day deck party celebration one to remember.

Say cheese!

With how fun your Fourth of July deck party is going to be, your guests will want something to remember the good times. Setting up a cute backdrop to take pictures in front of is an awesome way to document all the excitement. With some store bought decorations, funny accessories, or whatever else you have on hand, you can create an Instagram worthy backdrop right in your own backyard.

deck party favors like sunglasses laid out on a table

Shake it like a Polaroid

multiple disposable cameras laying on a table
Setting out disposable cameras is another way to make the memories last forever. Your guests can snap all their own pictures without having to pull out their phones, and you’ll be left with all the silliest moments caught on film. You can find packs of disposable cameras at most online retailers and, in a pinch, you can usually find them at your local pharmacy. You can order multiple copies to send out, or some photo developers will give you the files on a CD. There are even apps that let you scan the photos right into your phone.

Get down with a little DIY

From decor to group projects, there’s tons of ways to add a homemade touch to your party. If you’re ready to get creative, try out these DIY projects. 

Paint your own Mason jar

With a case of Mason jars, acrylic paint, and some brushes, you’ve got a craft that everyone can participate in. Put out a folding table and lay some scrap or newspaper over top. Set the paint and brushes in the center, and give each seat its own jar and cup of water. If you have extras laying around, use paper plates as palettes to keep things extra tidy. 

Bonus Tip: Make sure you have a lot of red, white, and blue…they’ll be popular colors!

painted mason jar with flowers

Build-your-own ice cream sandwiches

three ice cream sandwiches stacked on top of each other

Who said DIY projects couldn’t be delicious? Having a build-your-own ice cream sandwich station is not only easy, but it’s sure to be a crowd favorite. All you need to do is put out a few packs of cookies, a tub of ice cream, and some toppings if you want to get fancy. You can even find red white and blue sprinkles at your local supermarket this time of year. Not to mention, ice cream sandwiches are a great way to involve guests with dietary restrictions since you assemble them yourself.

Red, white, and blue (and orange, yellow, green, and purple)

Tie dye is the ultimate warm weather classic, and shouldn’t just be for the kids. Combine this quintessential summer activity with the quintessential summer holiday and you’ve got an instant success. This project is great if your party is starting early in the day, since everyone will have time to clean up before food is served. Your guests will leave with something physical to remember the awesome memories you made together.

diy tie dye kit laying on a wood deck

Let the deck party games begin!

What deck party would be complete without lawn games? Cornhole, spikeball, can jam, there’s too many to name in just one blog post. If you want to add a little heat to your Fourth of July party, set up a lawn game tournament. You can print out a template, use notebook paper, or pick up a poster board to create a bracket. Whether you set up teams or go solo, this activity is perfect for groups of any age. Bringing some friendly competition to your party is an exciting event for everyone, even the spectators!

Make your Fourth of July deck party one to remember

With the sun shining and breeze blowing, we’re all excited to spend time with the ones we care about most. With a great meal, great people, and these tips, your get together is sure to be a smash hit. You and your guests will be left with awesome memories to cherish for years to come. 

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