Making Your Driveway a Showpiece

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Making Your Driveway a Showpiece

Often overlooked, your driveway is one of the first things your guests notice when they come over to visit. It’s also what you’re greeted by each time you leave and return home. Driveway pavers and other customizations are increasingly popular as homeowners are looking for ways to elevate their home’s aesthetic. If you’re looking to upgrade your curb appeal, check out these ways you can make your driveway a showpiece.

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All in on driveway pavers

Driveway pavers are a great option to add some extra beauty to your home’s exterior. Coming in a multitude of sizes, shapes, and finishes, pavers are an incredibly versatile method of revamping your driveway. Though they’re a little on the expensive side, pavers add curb appeal, and will increase its value when you sell. Driveway pavers are easily maintained and don’t fade over time. Pavers can be subject to loosening or weeds so you’ll want to keep an eye out for that.

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Create a border with driveway pavers

If you love the look of stone but aren’t ready to drop the money on them, consider adding a border to your driveway. This is a great way to blend your driveway into the surrounding landscape, giving it that extra put together feel.

The most typical options for driveway borders are brick and pavers. If you decide to replace your driveway in the future, you can blend them into the already existing border seamlessly.

Stamped concrete instead of traditional driveway pavers

More affordable than other options, stamped concrete is a great way to customize your driveway.  Stamped concrete driveways can achieve a classic or modern look – according to your taste. You have endless options with stamped concrete – basically any pattern, design, or color can be achieved with the right contractor. It also boasts all the benefits of concrete, such as easy maintenance and high durability.

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One of the benefits of stamped concrete is that you can match it with patio if you have a pool or paved backyard. Stamped concrete is a classic choice for pools and by coordinating your front and back yard you make your home’s look more coherent, adding that extra wow factor.

Consider a brick driveway

If you’re looking for a classic look, then brick is the way to go. They fit flawlessly into almost any homes design and adds a beautiful pop of color to your front yard. Bricks are durable and easily repaired should they crack. Though a bit more expensive, brick adds value to your home and can often be bought recycled.

The maintenance for a brick driveway is more than a concrete one but not unmanageable. Give it a good power wash once or twice a year, repair any cracks in the mortar, and reseal it with something like a siloxane-based sealant.

Rock out with gravel

If you’re looking for a less expensive option that offers a homey, lived in feel, then gravel might be a good choice that can set your home apart from the rest. You can choose between rock, sand, and clay gravel, and they often come in a variety of colors as well. Though they require much more regular maintenance than other kinds of driveway, you can count on gravel for its long lifespan.

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Lush landscaping

If you have a pre-existing driveway that you don’t need to replace but want to elevate, then curating the landscaping around it is a fantastic way to do so. Contrasting beautifully with dark asphalt, pavers, stamped concrete, and basically anything else, adding some lively flora around your driveway makes your home inviting and draws guests in. Though landscaping requires regular maintenance and can’t be enjoyed so much in the colder months, it is a beautiful way to add personality to your home and can be enjoyed by hobbyists and amateurs alike.

Pressure wash your driveway blues away

If completely replacing your driveway isn’t in the budget, consider giving it a good power wash to revitalize it. Pressure washers can be rented from your local hardware store, or you can hire someone to get the job done for you.

You may be tempted to try to do the pressure washing yourself (how hard could it be, right?), but we’d recommend you first search Google for before/after photos where the pressure washing wasn’t done quite right.  Seriously, it’s more difficult than it looks.  

man pressure washing a driveway

We’re not saying this to upsell you (we don’t do pressure washing at Clear Choice Contractors) – we honestly just want your driveway to look fantastic. 

Bottom Line

There are a number ways to make your driveway the envy of your neighborhood – no matter your budget or style. Taking your driveway from a boring slab of concrete to a key aesthetic feature of your front yard is an underrated way to add beauty and style to your home’s exterior.

If you are looking to revamp your driveway, fill out the quick form below or give us a call and one of our concrete driveway specialists will be more than happy to talk to you about your options.

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