3 Tips for Choosing the Best Deck Installation Service

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3 Tips for Choosing the Best Deck Installation Service

So, you’re ready to install your new deck. But just how do you choose a service provider? The deck installation service you go with determines not just the quality of the finished product and cost, but also your experience along the way. Keep reading to check out our top 3 tips for choosing the best deck installation service.

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Deck Installation Service: Tip #1

Confirm their licensing and insurance

An installation service that has the proper licensure proves they meet and maintained  industry standards. Registering to earn their license is costly. Abiding by the law can be challenging in an industry where regulations may vary greatly. “Licensed” means your deck installation service is required by law to follow processes which ensure they complete projects to code.

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To check the status of an installation company’s licensure, just do a quick online search. You can use their licensing number which may be displayed on their website or provided by request.  Alternatively, you can use a service like Angi’s List to search up the installers name. Your state likely also has an online tool where you can check licensure.

You should always avoid an unlicensed deck installation service. It may seem like you’re saving money upfront. However, choosing an unlicensed contractor creates a host of risks that you do not want to take on. Not having a license means they are not required to ensure their work meets the high standards licensed contractors follow. While a licensed contractor is legally obligated to follow legal procedures and codes, an unlicensed one does not.

What could go wrong with an unlicensed deck installation service?​

The biggest concern with using an unlicensed contractor is that they are not going to be insured properly either. Unlicensed contractors are not able to get liability insurance, and are therefore not eligible for workers compensation. If someone gets injured while working on your deck, you may become liable. Using a deck installation service without proper licensure also means that if something is wrong with your deck causing damage to your home, you will not be able to file a claim with your homeowners insurance. Additionally, licensed contractors are required to repair any mistakes that they have made at no cost while unlicensed ones are not.

The choice between a licensed deck installation service and an unlicensed one is easy. By choosing a licensed installer you ensure that your deck project is completed to the highest standards and you can feel secure that if something goes wrong you’ll be covered.

Deck Installation Service: Tip #2

Check out their completed projects and reviews

To see if your vision lines up with a deck installation service look through their completed projects. Check their reviews on places like Google while you’re at it. While it may be hard to get an exact idea of how prior decking projects will translate to your own, you’ll be able to see the kind of workmanship they produce as well as the stylistic choices they make. Homeowners usually post pictures of their renovations online. This can be helpful in determining whether or not the deck installer is a good fit for your home.

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While you’re going through images from prior projects, check to see if the installer has positive reviews. Look through them and see what customers are saying, and make sure that the reviews are recent and that reflect a positive customer experience. If you find a deck installation company with very little or no reviews, it may be a red flag that something isn’t right. 

If they have negative reviews look around and see if there’s a theme. Is it because they have a strong customer focus and don’t mind if their projects take longer to finish? Are they willing to make the changes needed to ensure a satisfied customer? Or are they inconsistent in their communication and produce a shoddy result. If your vision and the level of customer satisfaction are in sync then this is the kind of deck installer you want to hire.

Deck Installation Service: Tip #3

Compare different options and ask questions

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to shop around! Once you’ve found a couple licensed deck installation companies with good reviews and quality projects to evaluate, give them a call or email and see what information they can provide you. If they have a quoting tool on their website test it out – see if their prices match up with your budget as well as what you’re seeing from other companies.

Deck installation can be a tricky and confusing process, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. A reliable installation company will want to help you understand all aspects of your project so you can make an informed decision. If you don’t like the way they respond or how they treat you, keep looking! When you’re building a deck, it’s so important that you work with an installer that you’re comfortable with and feel like you can trust.

At the end of the day, you will want to hire a professional deck installation company that you can depend on to help create your dream deck. By following this advice and keeping these tips in mind, you can rest assured you’re hiring the right deck installation company for your you.

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